Bio Blank Thoughts 

  September 19. 2017 He says, “We should do lunch”. She responds thinking sure, why not. She repsonds with an “Ok, what about this weekend?” He responds back, “Weekdays are better. Too many errands on the weekends.” She reads the response. Scuffs. She thinks to herself how easy it was for her biological father to … More Bio Blank Thoughts 

My Journey with Traveling: Re-learning what I was Taught.

Everyone grows up. Everyone grows up differently. Everyone grows up learning different lessons that shape who they become (to a certain extent). In some cases, some people need to re-learn the lessons they learned as a child in order to become the person their heart whispers to them that they truly are. *** I grew … More My Journey with Traveling: Re-learning what I was Taught.

A Bag of Chips

A bag of chips sat on a shelf in a grocery store – Until, someone bought it, and another bag. Different flavours. The bag of chips heard the person buying them, say that they didn’t know if the boy would eat them, but that they remembered him saying they were his favourite kinds – he … More A Bag of Chips