To-do List from Depression

To-do lists and depression? Usually those two things don’t go hand in hand…

As someone who struggles with both anxiety and depression, I have made a to-do list to help me get through those rough days. I wanted to share it with the hope that it may help someone else.

  1. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, name 10 things you are grateful for. Say 5 positive affirmations. What are 5 things you want to see yourself achieve?
  2. Get out of bed. No matter how long it takes you. Slide your feet off the side of the bed, roll over, push the covers off, sit up, and slowly make yourself out of the room one step at a time.
  3. Eat something. Anything. Even if it’s a cookie. Now is not the time to feel bad about what you are eating. Eating something is better than nothing. Throw in some coffee too. I find caffeine helps with my depression. If you are able to go out and get a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, that’s awesome.
  4. Call a close family member or friend. Someone who you have a good and honest relationship with. Someone who knows how to make you laugh and knows how to respond to YOU as an individual, experiencing YOUR depression. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work. You need to be able to call someone who understands what you need when you are experiencing your depression (note: in order for this to happen, you need to be able to communicate your needs to this family or friend when you are experience depression, so they know how to respond). You don’t need to call someone who will compare themselves to you. You don’t need someone who will analyze you. You don’t need someone who will make your call all about them. Most of the time, depression makes you see the worse in yourself. It clouds your ability to see the good around you and how awesome you are. So call someone who is able to point all of those things out in the time you need it. And if you know you need someone to “kick your butt into gear”, when your’e struggling, call the friend who motivates you like no other.
  5. Eat something again, because it is probably noon or later by now. Have another cookie.
  6. Go shower. Freshening up and changing into new clothes (yes, that includes fresh PJs) helps wake you up and make you feel less groggy. Kind of like the feeling of fresh sheets on your bed (if you have energy to put new sheets on your bed, awesome! Just don’t get back into bed before your usual bed time).
  7. Try to get out of your house. Sitting on your porch, going for a walk around the block or going for coffee with a friend.
  8. Now that you have eaten, freshened up and moved your body, spend the rest of your day relaxing and being gentle with yourself.
  9. Everything will be OK. Be well.




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