Eastern Reflections

Poem 1.

Always remember, you are at the mercy of nature.

The rain, the wind, the sun. You have no control over what the earth brings down from the sky.

Every element has  purpose.

For if there were only sun, the earth would burn.

And if there were only rain, the earth would flood and you would not be able to appreciate the rays of sunlight when they shine through the clouds…

Like I appreciated today – driving from Quebec to New Brunswick. The sun shining through the car windows – clear skies and open road.

The ocean waiting to be seen.

The call of nature.

And the earth to rest my head on.

Poem 2.

This is what freedom feels like – she said.

No purpose but to drive to your next destination.

The little joys of iced coffee.

And the love of those sitting next to you.

Poem 3. King Neptune

The wind blows strongly.

Waves crashing along the shore line.

The sun beaming bright and a coolness in the air.

Dark blue deepness.

Nothing scares me as much, yet puts my soul to ease – the Sea.




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