From Stray to Fundy Bay: A rescue dog’s journey from shelter to Eastern Canada.

On May 9th – I was adopted from the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society by my Mom. The Humane Society didn’t really know anything about me. They named me Layla – but now my name is Sierra, which means mountain range. I was a stray that was found. My ribs poked out of my sides and I did not know how to walk on a leash or play with toys. I’m scared of a lot of things, because even though I am two years old, I was not exposed to much. No one but me knows what I have been through.

I met my Mom the Friday before I was officially adopted. Even though I was anxious, nervous and loud, she says she fell in love with me and knew I was the dog for her. I liked her too. Mom says she knows what its like to be abandoned. She says she was in a place called Foster Care. I don’t really know what that means, but I know that Mom and I have a special connection. When she came back to pick me up after my surgery, I recognized her voice right away and whined as loud as I could to get to her. Once I was let out of my kennel, I sat on her feet to make sure she wasn’t going anywhere. My dream of finding a new Mom came true.

The first few nights in the new place which Mom called “home”, were difficult. But she brought my blankets and bed from the shelter and some of my toys. She gave me fresh water and food and cuddled with me when I got anxious. One night, Mom asked me how I felt about my new home with her, I sat on her feet and licked her hand. I liked my new home, it was just going to take some adjusting to!

I hated Mom’s car! I would cry, whine, pant and shake. I didn’t know what it was. It was loud and fast. Mom was patient with me, comforted me and got me used to the car by taking me to the dog park or hiking with it. Then I learned the car wasn’t scary – it was a thing Mom used to go somewhere fun!. OOOO! I LOVE THE DOG PARK! I love making new friends with other dogs and running fast without a leash.

I am kind of lucky – not only do I have one mom, but two! I also have two brothers now. They are black cats (I think thats what they are called?) named Ash and Spartacus. I don’t mind them. At first they were jerks, but now we get along just fine…unless they touch my toys. Then we have issues.

Mom took me for walks every day, and went to a bunch of different pet stores to find me treats I like. I can tell she loves me.

Three weeks after I was adopted, my Moms told me we were going on a road trip. I didn’t know what a road trip was, but I was excited anyways if it meant I would be with mom! I don’t like when she leaves. When I first came home I would cry and howl when she left. I’m better now, but OOOOOOO! Spending a whole two weeks with Mom!


The car was packed full of stuff! But Moms left me half of the back seat and made me a bed. They brought my toy elephant and bone. I like my bone. They brought my blanket too!

Our first stop was Quebéc. It was my first time camping! There were a lot of little bugs that bit my ears and face though. Mom put a handkerchief around my neck with some kind of spray and covered my ears. 19366577_10155503174483680_830685759752207110_nI liked camping. I would wander outside and then we all got to sleep in this really cool plastic house! Mom and Mom had their own beds and I slept in the middle of them! Some times a weird noise would wake me up, because I gotta make sure the moms are safe. But I always went right back to sleep.

Even though we spent a lot of time in the car, I went on really cool walks with my moms! One walk was through a forest – I think it was in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick – we walked by a really nice stream and then saw a waterfall! Mom and me just stared at it for a while because it was so pretty. We also went to his place called Hopewell Rocks, where moms said we were walking on the bottom of the ocean! I don’t really know what that means, but both mom and I got our paws full of mud!

Next we were off to Nova Scotia! We stayed at another camping place called King Neptunes Campground. It was SO WINDY! We were right by the water! The moms looked pretty funny trying to put up our plastic house in the wind. That night, I remember all the sky changing colours!

The next morning, we went to go see a place called Peggy’s Cove. At first I was scared of walking on the rocks. But moms showed me how to do it, and cheered me on – it didn’t seem so scary! Then I loved walking on the rocks!

Our trip didn’t stop there! Next we were off to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It was so rainy and windy! When I was sleeping, I woke up to a loud sound – it sounded like our plastic home was going to fly off the ground! It woke up the moms too. Mom wrapped me in a blanket and held my paw, and we all fell back asleep.


The next morning, we went back in the car and drove something called the Cabot Trail. Moms took me to see really cool things! They took me out of the car for exploring every stop! The only thing I really didn’t like were all the up’s and down’s. Mom kept telling me it was OK and that we were in the mountains. But the roads made a lot of “S” shapes, like a snake and it made my tummy sick.

Our final destination was Prince Edward Island. The moms rented a room at a place called the Lookout Inn – OOOOOOOO! It was so nice to have a floor and carpet and a place to lay my blanket! The family was really nice too – they had a lot of little kids who liked to play with me. One day I got pet by three kids at once on the grass! It was the best day ever!

DSCF0428One of the best parts of PEI, was mom finally getting me in the water at the beach! I was so scared of the water…I would try to run away in the opposite direction and I would whine. Then mom went into the water and called me to her. She made it sound really exciting! And I wanted to get to my mom! But that meant I had to go in the water. So I put one paw in, then another…then all my paws. Then I walked to mom. Then I discovered I could SPLASH! OOOOOO! It was so much fun to splash mom!!! I ran in and out of the water. Mom was so happy I liked the water. I’m not scared of it anymore!

The moms and I went on more road trips in PEI. We traveled to light houses and red sand beaches and saw something called the Anne of Green Gables House. The moms ate a lot of seafood too!

When it was time to go home, I was excited. Although the road trip was fun, I missed my home. The moms were homesick too so we decided to drive back from PEI to Ontario in one day! IT WAS a 17 HOUR DRIVE!!! I did my best to be a good dog and I slept a lot of the way. Mom took me out every 3 hours for a walk and snack and she bought me treats that I really like. We didn’t get home until it was really dark outside. Mom woke me up and said “Sierra! Guess where we are! We are home!”. I jumped up and looked outside the window and it was true! We were HOME! I got so excited, got out of the car and ran to the porch.

I was home.





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