20 Minutes of Perfect Meditating, Imperfectly.

Recently I have begun meditating. After reading some books and blogs, after practicing yoga and after seeing a Naturopath who suggested the practice of mediation as a way to balance my anxiety.

I have always been intrigued by meditation. The practice of being in the moment and silencing the mind. It is something many of us are no longer programmed to do between smart phones, TVs, computers and overall general business. We have learned to multi-task well. Too well in some cases. Many of us have forgotten how to do one thing at a time, especially when that one thing, is to do nothing.

Some days, are better than others. Today, was a day that made me giggle at the imperfection that was my meditation practice this evening and to meet myself where I was at, rather than put myself down. Is there a perfect way to meditate? Maybe. But it is important (I think) to just go with it. If your body is wanting to fidget, I think it is more important how you respond to the fidgeting, than not fidgeting. Did I put myself down? Did my breathing change? Did I stop meditating all together? No? Then I didn’t do so bad after all!

I thought to share this experience, in hopes to make meditation seem less intimidating to those who may want to try it. Even if it is 5 minutes, the most important part is setting time aside for you to focus on doing one thing at a time. Enjoy – and laugh.

8:00 – Set meditation timer. Of course, if you meditate without a timer, it does not truly count.

8:02 – Adjust meditation pillow. *Thinking to self* “sit up tall, chest out and breatheeeeeeeee”

8:05 – *Thinking to self* “I wonder where I could travel next…Thailand is nice, but the flights are so expensive. I cant go there for just a week…shit i’m thinking. Stop thinking”.

8:07 – Fidget (obviously).

8:09 – *Thinking to self* “I wonder what work will be like tomorrow…Oh and I have to pick up that stuff for dinner tomorrow….UGH thinking! Stop thinking”

8:11 – *Thinking to self* “Is it still thinking if I am telling myself to stop thinking?”

8:15 – Cat starts scratching the door. Go away cat. 

8:17 – Cat gets inside room where I am meditating. Starts walking around and meowing. *Thinking to self* “Ignore the cat”.

8:19 – I peak at the meditation timer. It was just a small peak. 

8:20 – Meditation timer goes off. 

Well. That was that! Thank you to myself for sticking to it and for sitting to meditate in the first place.



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