Something to Look Forward to

There is a saying:

“You were not born to work and pay bills until you die”

I sometimes find myself thinking about this quote.

I think sometimes, it is easy to fall into patterns which may fulfill our material needs – but not our soul needs. Like work late to check more things off a to-do list, put that extra $100  towards a credit card bill rather than wine and chocolate and do your laundry rather than watching a Netflix marathon (and I don’t even have kids yet! – I don’t know how those women do it!)

While at times, life calls for responsibilities and duties that are indeed important, I believe we are more motivated to complete these societal/life duties when we have something to look forward to.

Something that make us feel that we get rewarded for the work we put into the world.

Something that tells us that we matter.

Something that on those really hard days, you can say “I can’t wait until…”

If you’re not looking forward to something in your near future – ask yourself why – and how may you be able to make that something, happen?

If you are the top of person who says “One day” or “maybe”, stop saying those statements and say “I will”.

Book that trip – binge watch Netflix – take your birthday off work!

Because there is a whole world out there,

and “you were made to do more than work and pay bills until you die”.

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