A Bag of Chips

A bag of chips sat on a shelf in a grocery store – Until, someone bought it, and another bag. Different flavours.

The bag of chips heard the person buying them, say that they didn’t know if the boy would eat them, but that they remembered him saying they were his favourite kinds – he said that once during a car ride.

The bag of chips was excited. Being shared with someone is what chips do best – everyone likes chips!

The bag of chips went into a house. In a city. Held by the person who bought them from the store.

The person who bought the chips, placed them on the floor. Both bags together.

The chips listened to the conversation being had with the boy.

One of the bags of chips was opened, while the other bag of chips continued listening.

At first, the boy said he didn’t want any chips. But the person who bought the chips ate them anyways. Eventually, the boy started eating them. One chip at a time, then two, then a handful.

The chips were excited that the boy started eating them! They were one of his favourite kinds.

When the person was leaving, the boy said to take the other bags of chips – the one that wasn’t opened. He didn’t want them. He didn’t want the person to buy him things. He felt like buying the chips, was an added burden on the person, and that the person should keep them. But the person told him to keep the chips – they were his favourite kinds.

The boy left the chips on the floor. The chips knew the boy would eat them once the person left.


Another boy came and took them.

The chips got mad. They weren’t for the other boy.

The person who bought the chips, told the other boy that the chips were not his – that he should ask before he takes. The chips agreed – that wasn’t fair! But the boy didn’t say anything. The chips knew he wanted to – but he didn’t.

The chips were sad.

But, maybe one day, the person who bought the chips, will keep buying chips for the boy- and the boy will be happy when he sees them, rather than feel guilty – and maybe one day, the boy will be able to find his voice to say the chips are his when another boy takes them from him.

Because those chips are his favourite kinds – and he deserves to enjoy them, like all other boys do.


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