The Running Little Girl Who Stayed

Dedicated to my partner. The Special Person in my life. 

Once upon a time,

There was a little girl who ran away.

She ran away from the loud voices, the mean words and the people who would hurt her sometimes.

You see, the girl, even though she was a little big, was still little. She was a little girl who did not know what it meant to not be hurt if she stayed. So she started running.

Running not only brought her safety, but it was also something that was learned. When things got hard, they would move houses, move schools, move cities. That’s just what you did to be happy – you moved. You ran away to the next place where there would not be any problems to make you sad.

When the little girl was not safe anymore, and made friends of her very own to hide her away from the scary people, she ran away and would stay with them. Sometimes she would run away for a day, or a week, or a month. But no matter how many times she went back to where she ran from, the scary people always hurt her again.

Until one day, she ran away for real. And bigger and stronger people than the scary people protected her.

She was placed into a new place, but she didn’t stay there long either.

The little girl moved from place to place all her life. 2 years felt like a long time to be somewhere.

Then, the little girl met someone. Someone Special. Someone who made her laugh and smile and who didn’t treat her like the scary people did. This person was different.

But the little girl would get mad at the Special Person sometimes. She would yell at her and push her away. And when things got hard, she wanted to run away. She would think about ways to leave the Special Person. And go somewhere new. Because when you go somewhere new, you become happy again….right?

But no matter how many times she ran, or wanted to run, the Special Person was always there when she came back.

The Special Person was always there to make her laugh, make her smile, and never treat her like the scary people did when she was littler.

One night, when things were hard, and the Special Person was laying down next to her. She woke them up and whispered, “Do you ever worry that one day, I am going to run away?”. The Special Person went quiet. And then whispered back “Yes. But I hope you never do. I know why you want to run away when things get hard. But, I always hope you will talk to me when you feel that way, so that I do not come home to you really being gone one day”.

The girl wiped tears from her face, and wrapped herself in the Special Persons arms.

It was the first time, staying, felt better than running away.

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