My Journey with Goals and Thankfulness

One of the things I always struggled with about myself as I was growing up, was my tendency to view certain situations negatively.

Very often in my household as a child, I was surrounded by/ taught the idea that if things did not go the way “they were supposed to”, someone or something was out to get me. As I grew from a child into my teens years, this thought pattern followed me and became my default when things in my life were difficult, or not going the way I had planned in my own head.

This led to me disliking that part of myself. Most days, I would tell myself “You have to stop being so negative. People won’t like you. You don’t like you. Don’t be like that. If you want kids one day, you don’t want to be that way around them. You need to change that about yourself.

Yet, it was something that continued to follow me into my adult years. And the dislike for myself, and those thought patterns followed along.

December marked one year of me practicing yoga. This is the part where some of you may now roll your eyes and think “Here we go again. Another yogi wannabe blogster”. But stick with me for one second.

I believe that the practice of yoga takes on many forms. One of those forms, being mental.

One of the biggest things I have become aware of developing in myself since my practice, is my sense of thankfulness for what I have. Most of all, I have noticed this awareness of thankfulness in both times of struggle and joy.

I think as a society, we have learned to always want the next best thing. The next best iPhone. The next best car. The next best computer. The next best job. And, if we don’t have that next best thing, we think about how we aren’t where we want to be and can fall into patterns of dwelling on how we, or the universe, are failing ourselves.

And we forget, to appreciate where we are – in the moment. Even if it may not be ideal.

Of course, I also want to acknowledge that some situations do truly suck – I consider myself a realist, and would not be a great one if I didn’t acknowledge that sometimes, life does blow – big time.

But, it blows for everyone sometimes. The world is not out to get you. Its just life.

If life only provided highs, you could not truly appreciate them because you would not know what a low feels like.

Sometimes you experience highs in your life – it is important to be thankful for what you have to ground yourself. Sometimes you experience lows in your life – it is important to be thankful for what you have to ground yourself.

Goals are a wonderful thing to have. They keep us motivated. The issue can arise when in setting new goals, thankfulness for where you are currently and how you got there is forgotten.

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