My Stories and Journeys: Prologue

Who am I? And why would you want to read this?

If you are like me, reading can sometimes feel like effort, unless you feel connected to the writer or, the topic they write about. You need to feel passion and interest.

I cannot remember the first time I felt passion. I am not sure when exactly it started – I believe that passion has always been a part of who I am. I have always been someone whose emotions run deep and speaks in a silent room.

The reason why I began this blog, is because one day I truly believe I will write a book. This is my first step in that direction.

You see, many youth who grow up in the foster care system do not write books – or even graduate post-secondary. Unfortunately for many of us, our trauma filled pasts haunt us into our futures. For whatever reason (thanks to fate I suppose), I was born resilient and persistent. This was one thing I was told even as a child by my parents; “You never stop until you get what you want”. I guess once I hit my rock bottom at 17, I knew whatI didn’t want. I did not want a future filled with unhealthy and abusive relationships, I did not want to drop out of high school, I did not want to be addicted to drugs, I did not want to be the mess I currently was at that time.

Out of knowing what I didn’t want, what I wanted became more prominent. I wanted to be someone whose past did not dictate what my future was going to turn into.

And it hasn’t.

If you have made it this far, it may mean you feel that connection and passion I spoke about at the beginning.

If so, Welcome to My Story and Journey.


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